Stayed 79 nights

May 23, 2011 will be a night the Gonzales-Ilarina family will never forget. They had an emergency C-Section scheduled for, Liezel in Charleston SC. Emmanuel Ned Gonzales- Ilarina was born at 2lbs 1oz and 25 weeks old. The family stayed by Emmanuel's side for 79 nights at the Ronald McDonald House until he was ready to go home.

"We lived 2 hours away from MUSC, in Conway , SC.. When we were told our son will have to be kept in the hospital at least 2-3 months ... Reality struck us about how we are going to afford to stay close to him? I was still in shock... Scared and so worried at the critical condition my son was in. Ronald McDonald House Charities was a blessing and an answered prayer for me and my family. It was conveniently located across MUSC, and we got to see our son grow up every hour. We are able to see and spend time with him any time of the day or night. Thank you Ronald McDonald House Charleston. You will always be a part of our family. Your home had been the best we ever had."

The Croft


Stayed 18 days

Chip and Jennifer traveled from their home in Myrtle Beach, SC to Charleston, SC on November 21, 2011 when their daughter, Karli, was born eight weeks before her due date. The Croft family spent 18 nights at the Ronald McDonald House while Karli was being treated at MUSC Children’s House.

"They should call it the Ronald McDonald "Home" because it's as if someone opened their home to you and took care of you during one of the scariest times of your life. They make sure all of your needs are met, leaving you to focus only on the health of your child. Nothing else. We will always consider the RMH-Charleston part of our family. "

Red Shoe


Oct 25, 2014

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Executive Board



Mayor North Charleston



MUSC Children's Hospital

"We should never lose sight that most all children come with a very valuable asset, “parents.” The Ronald McDonald House of Charleston offers a warm, comforting, hospitality to the parents of the children in our hospital. Ronald McDonald Houses across the world have been one of the major advances in the last century in caring for hospitalized children."




"The Ronald MacDonald house is a home away from home which provides love and warm feelings to its patients and their families."



Chief Meteorologist

Popular television personality Rob Fowler has been chief meteorologist at WCBD TV since 1987. Married with three kids, Rob is active in the community, visiting with thousands of Lowcountry school children every year, and hosting school tours of News 2’s state of the art broadcast facility. A winner of national awards for his great work, Rob has been recognized by the readers of the Charleston City Paper as the best weatherman in Charleston for the last 10 years.

“Seeing is believing! All you have to do is spend just a few minutes with the families the Ronald McDonald House is helping, as well as the dedicated staff and volunteers, and you know this is more than just a physical house. It’s a place to be loved and cared for during a difficult time. In weather terms, it’s certainly a ray of sunshine during a storm."



Director of Fun

Mike Veeck’s name is synonymous with fun at the ballpark as he continues to blaze new trails every baseball season. Mike Veeck is part owner of five baseball teams including the Charleston Riverdogs. An advertising professional, coveted public speaker and founder of the Veeck Promotional Seminar, he has served to put fun back into baseball, proving his title “Director of Fun”.

‘Safe at home is the way we keep score in baseball; that pales when compared to what those words say about the Ronald McDonald house.’



ABC News 4 Anchor

"“The Ronald McDonald house is one of our city’s jewels, a place of compassion and love. It’s also an opportunity to give, to volunteer or donate, or perhaps make a meal. It’s a home we can all help make. It’s hard to imagine needing it, but comforting to know it’s there.”

Tony the


Purveyor of Peanuts

‘For over 20 years, Tony the Peanut Man has been Charleston’s most famous “purveyor of peanuts”. You can find him at “The Joe” whenever there’s a home game, in the market, or possibly at a wedding, sporting a bowtie and singing and dancing his signature song. Tony’s lively personality and delicious peanuts have gained him a loyal following throughout the lowcountry.

‘Hey Hey Heeyyyyy, Now what I Saayyyyy : We believe there is hope at the Ronald McDonald House and If you don’t know, you better ask somebody!’


P. Riley,Jr.

Mayor of Charleston

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. is widely considered one of the most visionary and highly effective governmental leaders in America. First elected in December 1975, Mayor Riley is serving an unprecedented tenth term.. A national leader in the area of urban design and livability issues, he has put Charleston in the forefront as an example of high quality urban design. The City of Charleston is recognized as one of the most livable and progressive cities in the United States.

"The community is so proud of what The Ronald McDonald House offers and supports and appreciates the sacrifice, skill, and dedication of the staff.”




Brett Gardner, star outfielder with the NY Yankees, family man and native son of South Carolina is committed to making a difference and actively supports children's charities at home and in New York. Brett and his wife, Jessica, spend time visiting MUSC’s Children’s Hospital and support the good work of Ronald McDonald House Charleston. Brett, known throughout baseball for his blazing speed, is honored to wear Red Shoes celebrating Ronald McDonald House 30th Birthday. “Ronald McDonald house is doing such great work to help families in need of love and care while going through a difficult time. Jessica and I feel blessed to be a small part of this wonderful and loving home away from home."



Chief Meteorologist

Bill Walsh, one of Charleston’s most recognizable personalities, has been on local TV, most notably WCSC-TV 5, for over 25 years and recently debuted his first action packed spy novel “The Umbrella Option”. We’re delighted that Bill is gracing our second billboard. He knows exactly what the house means to our families.

“The Ronald McDonald House is a shelter in the storm when someone’s child is hospitalized. I have been honored and proud to be a part of this great home away from home for so many people. As a member of the Board of Directors, it is wonderful to see just how the community supports the house and will be a big part of a great future of helping families and children.”




Darius Rucker, native son and accomplished country music star, has always been an amazing supporter of charities in the lowcountry. His work with MUSC’s Children’s Hospital has impacted thousands of families through the years, and The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston is thrilled to have his smiling face on our first billboard celebrating our 30th birthday.

"The Ronald McDonald house is such an amazing resource for our families of the children's hospital! We are blessed to have it available to us here in the low country. A place to feel comfortable, a home away from home when they need it."